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Directors and Corporate Officers of Matsuya Co., Ltd.

Directors and Auditors

Representative Director, President and Executive Operating Officer Masaki Akita
Representative Director and Vice President and Executive Operating Officer Yasunori Obinata Overseeing the Administration Division and Corporate Planning Office
Director and Senior Executive Operating Officer Takehiko Furuya In Charge of Group Business Planning and Business Strategies and Accounting
Director and Managing Operating Officer Naoki Yokozeki General Manager of the Sales Division
Director and Senior Operating Officer Akiko Kawai General Store Manager
Outside Director Yoshizumi Nezu (President of Tobu Railway Co., Ltd.)
Outside Director Hitoshi Kashiwaki (Outside director of ASICS Corporation)
Outside Director Masako Yoshida (Managing Operating Officer of Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd)
Full-time Corporate Auditor Shinichi Mayama
Outside Auditor Youhei Furuhata (Chief executive officer Chairman and Representative Director of Nippon Signal Co., Ltd)
Outside Auditor Katsumasa Furuya (Director of Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company)
Outside Auditor Takao Nakamura (Wadakura Gate Law Office lawyer)

Executive Officer

Managing Operating Officer Kazunori Morita General Manager of General Affairs Division
In charge of Human Resource Division
Senior Operating Officer Yukio Imai In charge of Customer Strategies Division
Operating Officer Mitsuru Takakura Representative Director, President and Executive Operating Officer of A Table Matsuya Co., Ltd.
Operating Officer Masayuki Yanagisawa General Manager of Accounting Division
Operating Officer Kiyoshi Yoshida General Manager of Corporate Business Development Division
In charge of Environmental Management Division
Operating Officer Tomoo Inoue Director and Managing Operating Officer of CBK CO., LTD.

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